Local Pharmacy Pickups

Please contact your volunteer to request a pickup.

There are 4 local pharmacies servicing the doctor's surgeries in Pulborough, Storrington and Arundel

Information for volunteer drivers:

Corden's Pulborough

Cordens deliver a box of prescriptions to the village twice a week and these are distributed to the recipients by volunteers on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Storrington Lloyds

If several prescriptions are to be picked up, you may knock on the back door, which is at the end of the alleyway between the optician and the estate agent. Otherwise, you need to queue.  The store closes for lunch between 1-2pm and closes at 5.30pm.

Storrington Boots

If several prescriptions are to be picked up, you may knock on the back door.  Otherwise, you need to queue.  The store is open from 10-5pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 10-6 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and from 10-4.30 on Saturdays. It is closed for lunch between 1.30-2pm.

Arundel Lloyds

You will need to queue for prescriptions.  It is best to go early when they open at 9.30, or straight after lunch at 2pm as the queues can get very long.

Patient details required for pickup:

Please find out:

- which pharmacy?

- name, address, postcode

- phone number

- date of birth (for Boots only)

- repeat or urgent?

- when is it ready?


Please take gloves for handling the prescription.

Once you receive the prescriptions, please deliver them straight away.  If you are unable to do so then please bring them back to Amberley Place and they will be delivered by someone else.

When dropping off prescriptions, do knock or ring and check that you have the correct person.  If there is no answer try ringing the phone number on the prescription or call Catherine on 07887796212

Remember to wear gloves (available from Amberley Place) and maintain social distancing while queuing