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The Help Hub wishes to provide specific assistance, both open source and confidential, to all those now out of work or considering a change of career; by creating an Amberley Work Link.

1. All those now out of work and who think they may wish to take advantage of any assistance the Amberley Work Link is able to give are invited to register their names, telephone numbers and email addresses with David Lyon: Tel 01798 831 778.

Registration is entirely voluntary and can be done now or in the future, as needs may arise.

2. An Amberley Work Link email group, of those who have registered their names, will be established to which relevant information will be sent as it is received from central or local Government or other sources.

Those who sign on for the Work Link email group will be able use the email group to post requests for information and to network: sharing their experiences to the benefit of others.

3. The Amberley Covid19 Help Hub is in the process of setting up a web site and intends to have a specific section of that website where links can be found to the latest updates on all Covid-19 related issues from, Horsham DC and other sources.

Those out of work will be able to post their skills and availability to work or volunteer on this website.

4. Those who are still working as business owners or employees who are willing to provide knowledge of their industries or commercial activities, or who have mentoring or career change counselling experience, which they would be willing to provide, are also invited to email their names, telephone numbers, emails and a summary of what they have to offer to David Lyon,

5. There are a number of people in Amberley who have current experience in career counselling. Those who may want to talk in confidence about particular issues, or discuss how they might go about a complete change of career should, in the first instance, call David Lyon 01798 831 778. He set up a scheme similar to Amberley Work Link in 1994 which is still running today.

6. So that this information reaches those who are not on Listserve would Neighbourhood volunteers and neighbours please pass it on to them.