Amberley Neighbourhood Helpline

The Neighbourhood Helpline was originally set up in April 2020 in response to the Covid-19 Crisis and its current aim is to support and inform residents about information related to the crisis and related  medical, financial or emotional support. NB click on any underlined text to go to the linked page 


- Revised govt roadmap with checkpoint dates of 4th and 19th July - see the revised roadmap further down this page

INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL - Check out the list of Red, Amber, Green countries for international travel  in the International Travel section of Govt Coronavirus Advice and 'Demonstrating your Covid Vaccination Status when abroad' (NHS App or paper) - also in the  International Travel section

- PCR Testing for Travel - see the Govt List of Private Providers of PCR Tests , however for a handy quick list see The Independent's 'PCR Test for Travel - The cheapest way to buy one' . Also see 'Covid Testing Network' for a further short list review of PCR testing for travel

COVID-19 Response - Spring 2021
COVID-19 Response - Spring 2021

COVID chart for areas close to Amberley  - this is based on the latest relevant data from the govt website - the most recent local area dataset is always 5 days prior to the current date  

As part of the aim to inform residents, the helpline has a guide to the current Government advice related to Covid-19. There are two sections of Government advice information 

  • Government Approach which highlights the phased and stepped approach
  • Government Coronavirus Advice which provides a logical guide to over 570 items of the latest versions of detailed Government guidance. The Advice section is logically organised according to the categories of information in the following diagram:-